Government buildings are places where the public interacts with the government through various services. Because they hold a high level of social significance and relevance, a lot of resources go into the design and maintenance of government buildings. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies use harsh cleaning chemicals that destroy furniture, surfaces, carpets, and rugs.

You need a cleaning company that understands the extra care required for government building cleaning to ensure that the furniture and all aspects of your government office are preserved and cared for well. JH 360 Cleaning offers professional government office cleaning services in Toronto that will keep your institution looking clean and in pristine condition.

Government Cleaning Services

Our Government Cleaning Services

Government buildings are places where first impressions matter. How they look impacts the public’s perception of the government and its services.

What makes cleaning needs unique for these buildings is that government institutions often have features with historical significance embedded in their design, furniture, and materials. These specific materials require specific care when being cleaned.

JH 360 Cleaning understands the nature of government building cleaning and we have the skill, knowledge, and equipment to sufficiently clean your government office without damaging your furniture, surfaces, or carpets.

Some government offices have had bad experiences with carpets being burned due to harsh chemicals. This won’t happen with us handling your cleaning needs. Your carpets, furniture, and office are safe with the JH 360 Cleaning crew.

We exercise great care and use the appropriate cleaning solutions for specific materials like vinyl and leather. We offer both one-time cleaning services and scheduled cleaning on an ongoing basis.

  • Floor care – We offer customized floor cleaning measures based on the type of flooring in your building and tailor our cleaning approach accordingly. Our services include stain removal, scrubbing, floor stripping, resealing, and waxing.
  • High-traffic areas – With plenty of government employees and the public accessing government buildings, we regularly vacuum and clean floors and sanitize high-touch surfaces, including doorknobs and railings.
  • Office equipment – We deep clean and disinfect all devices and hardware using appropriate cleaning products and materials for specific devices and hardware.  
  • High touch surfaces – We pay special attention to touchpoints like light switches, doorknobs, and railings by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting these areas regularly,
  • Working spaces – A clean workspace encourages productivity and enhances the well-being of employees. We frequently disinfect and deep clean your carpet and upholstery.

Sectors We Service

We offer government cleaning services to several government offices, including:

  • Courthouses
  • Public Libraries
  • City Halls
  • Postal Offices
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
Government Cleaning Services

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What You Get with JH 360 Cleaning

When you partner with JH 360 Cleaning for your government cleaning needs, you’re getting a cleaning company that understands your building’s needs and goes the extra mile to ensure that those needs are met. We value customer satisfaction and have established trust with our clients because we provide the following.

  • Industrial Strength
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Expert Property Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Decades of Expertise
  • Customized Service Plans

Public Impressions Count – Get Government Cleaning Done Right

A dirty environment can impact the efficiency and reputation of your government office. You can always count on JH 360 Cleaning to keep your government office spotless without damaging your property. Get in touch with us today for the best government cleaning services in Toronto.

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