The importance of airports worldwide is an undeniable reality. Since a large number of people move through them from one destination to another. They are also quite large spaces that are busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An immense responsibility for those in charge of cleaning! It is a complex task that requires professionals. That’s why we are at your disposal at JH 360 Cleaning.

Airport Cleaning services

In an airport, you are going to find an impressive amount of different types of people in large proportions. In addition to practically, from all over the planet. Not to mention that for such an air terminal to function, it requires a lot of people working day and night. That makes it susceptible to contamination of different kinds. From possible viral diseases, infections, and other contagious forms. This requires a high level of hygiene and regularity. Therefore, sanitation is vital.

With a gigantic infrastructure and a large number of spaces for different functions, equipment, machinery, and sophisticated vehicles, it is a great responsibility when it comes to cleaning. For that reason, at JH 360 Cleaning we offer you a service that will give you peace of mind in an aspect that is of great concern: proper, efficient, and fast cleaning.

For your satisfaction today we tell you something that you most likely know precisely, there are two aspects of vital importance in terms of hygiene in an air terminal: what concerns disinfection and cleaning. For that, we serve you with everything related to the elimination of dirt with effective methods. On the other hand, we exterminate all bacteria, viruses and microbial bodies using chemicals with the most specific standards.

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Learn about the features of our airport janitorial services

  • In order to carry out the cleaning tasks it is necessary to have a strict protocol that allows to cover everything without leaving any space without disinfecting. For that, in our company we check every detail and every procedure by means of supervision and training of the personnel.
  • As professional cleaners, we know, abide by and comply with international standards in this regard. This allows us to guarantee the health and integrity of travelers, crew members and workers of such important facilities.
  • The cleaning and disinfection service will be made up of first class human talent, well trained in these tasks that require great care to protect everyone, including the cleaning personnel.
  • At JH 360 Cleaning we attend you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can be sure that if an emergency arises, we will be there to solve it. With the speed and efficiency that we have become accustomed to over the years.
  • Waste management is another aspect that we cover with great efficiency. Since we part from a philosophy of caring for what surrounds us, we try to minimize the environmental impact at the time of taking care of the garbage. The idea is that we give the natural environment a chance.
  • For the comfort and smoothness of the travel processes of hundreds and even thousands of users, we have established a series of effective procedures that ensure the cleanliness and disinfection of the terminal spaces without even being noticed by passengers arriving or departing from the site.
  • As far as cleaning and sanitation schedules are concerned, they will always be the most convenient for the airport. This means that the time and frequency of our work will be at the convenience of the terminal and the way it operates.
  • We have dominion and control over the next 3 moments: Between flights as a strategy to keep the spaces spotless. Daily or routine cleaning, which involves complying with a strict protocol and thorough hygiene and disinfection, the latter is scheduled from time to time and is carried out after a thorough study and after agreeing with you as the person in charge as to how often it should be done.

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