We are dedicated to training our employees in cleaning and maintenance activities. We also take care of the area of ​​accident prevention and handling of products in a safe and adequate manner.

We have already 10 years of experience, along which, we have complied 100% in our deep cleaning activities. We are committed to giving you the best of us.

Yes, that is one of our strengths, a permanent attention that resolves in a short time. You can count on us to answer you.

That is a fact, we have everything that is required in terms of permits and insurances that are essential. Including high-rise window cleaning.

At JH360 Cleaning we give you the option that suits you according to your availability, your need and preference. Since we adapt taking into account the best alternative that benefits you. It can be for weeks, days or hours or as best serves you and how often.

We strive to give you what you deserve. That is why our products are certified. High quality and backed by our company.

Of course, within our values ​​is the care for the environment and its improvement, and a work committed to eco-friendly practices.

Yes, we visit the space where the service will be performed in advance and then we incorporate the ideal personnel. The idea is to personalize that task and find the right people for that purpose.

We have the appropriate machinery for each case. Always looking after your benefit. We have a wide variety of machinery in existant.

We provide service in almost all facilities that need it. We are experts in deep cleaning using the necessary tools and machinery for each case. All this together with a professional team that dedicates itself to the task for your comfort.

Of course, we like that, because in our company you will really experience what we offer. Pleasant environments, cleanliness and harmony. In addition to a human team that will serve you in a big way. You are the center of our attention…

We maintain constant supervision and we give you the possibility of constant communication so that you can clarify your doubts. In addition, we dedicate ourselves to provide a solution to your cleaning. When finished, everything will be impeccable.

We maintain a feedback and review system so that you have information and can stay up to date. We guarantee a high-quality job. Otherwise, we repeat it.

One of the strong points in our company is the attention to people. This is reflected in insurances that cover what is needed. As well as the security and protection measures that we permanently review.

At JH360 Cleaning we strive to take care of the environment and to satisfy your demands. We also protect your workers and ours. For that reason, we always apply the safest methods in waste handling. Following it up to its final stage.

In the construction sector we do the previous cleaning service where the corresponding tasks are carried out so that the construction starts off on the right foot.

The post construction where we have a specialized service so you don’t have to worry about debris and dust or other tasks that correspond. We leave it impeccable. In addition to trailer maintenance and whatever is needed.

We give you the quotation after visiting you to see what needs to be done. A salesperson, a supervisor, and an operational manager, if necessary, attend this audit.

As an advantage in the construction area we are linked to the 506 union. That is an important endorsement that we have.

You have an ally in us who is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, we are always here for you.

You can monitor what we are doing for you.We have constant communication with you, by all possible means. Our mission is to serve you transparently and efficiently.

We are at your disposition to provide you with the supplements you require. Whatever you need, we can get it for you. With free delivery.

We are experts in turning your spaces into truly pleasant places with a high-class atmosphere. Disinfecting whatever is necessary to eradicate evils such as COVID 19 or other diseases.

For the commercial area we have cleaning in general and especially floors for shopping centers. Also cleaning bathrooms and other spaces efficiently.

To manage commercial waste, we use eco-friendly measures that benefit the environment and are safe for our clients and our crew. We never leave waste on your premises. Instead, we’ve adopted systems to sort through waste, and we have the proper transportation method to remove and dispose of commercial waste.

We have waste disposal systems that allow us to properly dispose of dangerous chemicals and control pollution. To ensure the safe removal of strong chemicals, we use specialized containers to transport hazardous industrial waste away from the site. We recycle materials where appropriate and dispose of waste through incineration and landfill disposal.