For your cleaning staffing needs to be covered, we offer you a first class service that you can use with the conditions and time you require. At JH 360 Cleaning we have a whole range of options for you to achieve these goals. We generally cater to virtually all economic sectors with maintenance and hygiene services. We also sanitize and disinfect in depth if you require it.

Temporary Cleaning Staff

The main idea is that you can accomplish your task as efficiently as possible without taking away your peace of mind. Since, when it comes to sanitizing a space and turning it into a clean and bright place, we are the right ones. In case you only require the service on a temporary basis, we are here to serve you with that. Since you are the one who sets the guidelines for this cleaning and the time frame you require.

If you do commercial life in the retail sector and you need temporary cleaning staff, you can be sure that we will solve that situation with people who have the experience and the appropriate techniques to do it. In the same way, we take care of commercial establishments of all kinds. Always using the most effective and fast methods that will make you feel satisfied. You are the one who decides how long you require the service.

In case you require cleaning for the construction sector. We offer you a hand with the purpose of maintenance and cleaning in any of the stages of the construction. From the cleaning at the beginning of the construction by preparing the land and ridding it of garbage and debris, or cleaning the trailers, to that important job of cleaning up after the construction is finished. We have a comprehensive service that effectively attends your needs.

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Experience the JH 360 Cleaning difference, where no detail is overlooked and every clean exceeds expectations. Don’t settle for less – ensure your space is handled by the experts.

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This temporary cleaning service that we offer you at JH 360 Cleaning has a series of advantages that we mention below

  • We are quick to respond to your cleaning requests. Since, we are activated to serve you at the moment you need it.
  • You can count on the support of a company that bases its work on honesty and responsibility. JH World Service.
  • With us you can count on all the machinery you require to carry out that task. Whether for polishing, sweeping or collecting materials. In addition to maintenance and disinfection.
  • Our staff is specialized in each case for the tasks they have to perform. We are aware of the importance of this cleaning.
  • We have efficient waste management, always taking care of environmentally friendly treatment. Therefore, we perform this work with the least damage and make use of recycling to carry it out.
  • We cover all hiring and any other procedures including insurance, payments and permits of the temporary personnel you require.
  • We have a safety protocol that protects your workers, as well as those of our company. This involves clothing, accessories, equipment, among others. Including the handling of toxic or dangerous materials.
  • We offer you competitive costs that when placed in the balance between price and good service, it will always be in your favor. Because, what you get is a lot for what you invest.
  • We are known for providing first class treatment to our friendly clients. This is part of our corporate philosophy. For us you are the priority.

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