You know how difficult the situation becomes after enjoying a festive social or family activity. In that classification we can add live shows and other events that, after consummated, leave a mess and dirt that seems hopeless. Today we tell you, that’s why we are here at J H 360 Cleaning, to solve the problem of cleanliness and chaos left by that celebration.

We have everything you need to do that cleaning in record time and with the guarantee of those who master the art of hygiene. You can feel the confidence that is generated when you know that what you organized with so much care will have an optimal and adequate closure. Since, we are committed to leave that physical space better than it was before the party.

We are experts in that cleaning that in many cases is almost impossible. We have the tools, the equipment and the professional staff that will leave that place impeccable and ready to continue your daily routine without any obstacle. Stop worrying about that cleaning after your festivity, we will take care of it in an efficient way so you can feel at ease.

For added advantage, we are accustomed to using quality products that will leave that space free of any contamination. All this, from waste management with ecological awareness and recycling. In the same way, today we tell you that you can count on JH 360 Cleaning to turn that space where there was a celebration into a neat and pleasant place in a short time. We guarantee this work for your comfort.

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How do we do it?

  • With expertise and professionalism. As we are used to doing, the workers of our company will be in charge of the kitchen area, as well as the bathrooms and social areas after that party, which surely was a lot of fun. This includes tasks such as washing the dishes and glassware, cleaning the fireplace if it was used, collecting the waste and sorting it for recycling. Cleaning and organizing the furniture. Also the removal of decorations and the collection of all kinds of waste.
  • Any time, any day, we’ll take care of you with that A-1 cleanliness. Another important detail is that we adapt to your requirements in terms of schedules. Since, if you need that cleaning right after the activity we are there to support you with hygiene and good presence. This service is carried out quickly and safely. In case you have an emergency situation in your party, contact us and we will come to work for you and we will do what we always do, cleaning and sanitation of first quality.
  • Everything you need for after-party cleanup in one place. We also condition exterior and interior spaces such as gardens and swimming pools, parking lots or any other place that needs to be cleaned. For your benefit we have created an effective protocol that ensures the cleanliness of each space of your physical structure where the party was held. This method of work is very effective so that you can be at ease when you find yourself in those spaces where the cleaning was performed. For greater certainty, we have a supervision system that verifies what has been done by our expert personnel.
  • We offer you our service supported by productive and committed people. Today we show you how trained and professional are the people who do the cleaning work in your properties after a celebration. These workers have gone through a series of steps to become part of what we do. This includes training in the principles of collaboration and honesty. In addition, they are trained in the use of utensils and tools. They are also trained in the use of cleaning machinery.

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