Building is an action that requires mastery of various factors. From the planning to the moment you’re done. There is a big job. Now, when it comes to post-construction cleaning, we offer you a service that, because it is professional and committed, will make you feel satisfied. We have everything you need to leave your built spaces impeccable.

We are experts in everything related to cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, at JH 360 Cleaning we have the experience and skills to do the complex job of deep cleaning those areas after that important job is done. Therefore, what better benefit than being able to trust in delegating the last stage of your work to a company like JH 360 Cleaning. Since, we leave that space shiny after it has been built.

Construction and post renovation cleaning is not an easy task for those who do not have mastery of it. For that reason we are at your complete orders so that you reach your goals with the greatest possible peace of mind. That is why we are here, to serve you effectively and so that, what costs you so much, is admired by all as a first-rate work. Count on our work so that you don’t have to think about that cleaning and what it entails.

Have a grand entrance by presenting your neat constructions and leave a halo of harmony and beauty with our post-construction cleaning service. Ask us and you will see that your investment is little if you put it in the balance of benefits. In addition, you will be putting yourself in the expert hands that guarantee a fast and at the same time complete service. In addition to that, you have a company like JH 360 Cleaning that has excellent maintenance and cleaning work on its record.

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Experience the JH 360 Cleaning difference, where no detail is overlooked and every clean exceeds expectations. Don’t settle for less – ensure your space is handled by the experts.

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Know Some Advantages of Post Construction Clean Up

  • You are backed by a company that guarantees high-quality work so that your final construction is simply great and harmonious.
  • Pre cleaning and debris removal is something we do for you so that you can focus on other activities.
  • We have specialized staff who have the experience and professionalism in this specific type of cleaning. Therefore, you will have a human team prepared to give it that touch of greatness.
  • We have the indicated machinery that will give fluidity and shine to that finished construction. Machines such as sweepers or industrial sweepers that are highly effective in these tasks.
  • We manage everything related to waste and waste material quickly and safely. Adding an ecological value that always seeks to make it more friendly to the environment.
  • The trailer’s maintenance and their periodic cleaning is an action that we take on with great care for the comfort of those who work at your project. This cleaning is done during the construction process.
  • In JH 360 Cleaning we run a quality test of what we clean. That reflects on supervisory visits from experts to verify the work done.
  • You will have a staff that is trained to give the correct use to the machinery and tools with the proper and well learned techniques.
  • You can count on a permanent service that solves temporary problems quickly and efficiently. We are here every day to serve you with passion and commitment. Our hand will always be extended so that you can count on that cleanliness that gives quality of life to those who enjoy it with you.

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