Not all spaces that require cleaning are identical or have the same characteristics. Since, each one of them can fulfill a totally different function to the other. That is where a cleaning company is required to take in detail the specific notes of that work. Therefore, we invite you to consult us for that cleaning or maintenance that you have in your plans. At J H 360 Cleaning we have specialized in personalized attention to hygiene services.

We adapt to your needs in terms of leaving a clean and shiny structure that worries you and that you want to put in another level of cleanliness. That is why we tell you today that our work is aimed at investigating that particular situation to give it the attention that suits you. That is why we offer you what we know how to do best, to turn your physical spaces into real pleasant and harmonious places. Of course, always taking your needs into account.

For your satisfaction we have everything it takes to customize that cleaning and make your property a shining jewel with the intention of fulfilling the functions you have for it. Be it for any of the sectors that exist. From residential, commercial, institutional, industrial or those related to the construction activity. We serve you with efficiency to impose cleanliness in every place that is required. A full range of professional assistance to leave your property immaculate.

At JH 360 Cleaning we have managed to implement a way to attend to cleaning situations with the efficiency that you require. For this reason, we have a team that is constantly trained and updated in the conditioning of your properties with the solvency that is practiced from excellence. Until today, we have fulfilled what has been asked of us and we will continue to do so. If you have any questions, please contact us and you will have timely answers.

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Here we show you what we can do for you when it comes to perform a personalized cleaning service wherever you need it

  • For your confidence, we are supported by a prestigious company in the country such as JH World Services. This is our parent company that shows us the corporate path that we follow successfully.
  • We apply highly effective methods and put into operation a sanitation protocol that allows us to carry out the conservation and cleaning plans to the fullest. In order to deliver those spaces with the impeccable appearance that you will enjoy.
  • We can cover any type of work effectively. Since, we have a staff with experience and professionalism that makes us different.
  • If it is a question of machinery, we have all that is required at the right time and place for the best performance of this cleaning action.
  • So that you can be more certain that the work was completed successfully we incorporate a supervision system that reviews what has been done with the purpose of correcting any detail. In case something was overlooked, let us know so we can correct it immediately.
  • We have the capacity, the techniques and the personnel to generate clean and impeccable environments. Be it manual tools and utensils, specialized tools for each task, machinery and products that are suitable for each cleaning case. All this, supported by qualified personnel.
  • We manage waste with the utmost care and skill. This is part of our contribution to the environment that adds value to what we do by using environmentally friendly techniques.
  • With us you can adapt this cleaning to the time that is most convenient for you, as well as the days you decide to select to carry out this integral hygiene. Since, we perform the service when you indicate it to us.
  • Our service has a quick response method that can solve your cleaning problems in record time. Just contact us and you will have an immediate response.
  • We take the security measures required for this service. This includes the protection of the cleaners and the people who are or will be in that physical space to be cleaned.

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