Cleaning and Disinfection in Pharmaceutical Laboratories: Ensuring Safety and Quality

Cleaning and Disinfection in Pharmaceutical Laboratories: Ensuring Safety and Quality

Measures to Ensure Cleanliness in Pharmaceutical Spaces

Due to the critical importance of cleanliness in areas where medications and other materials intended for the well-being of the population are produced or processed, various measures are taken. Safety with 100% certainty of sterilization is mandatory. Therefore, those responsible for cleaning must comply with the required protocols for this purpose.

Workplaces and Hygiene in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Hygiene is a vital value in any place where people engage in work activities, especially in spaces where delicate and sensitive materials are processed, requiring strict compliance with sanitary regulations. This is precisely the case in pharmaceutical laboratories.

The goal of this information is to provide a clear understanding of the cleaning process and its origin to ensure adherence to established standards:

– The first step is to remove all visible dirt. This involves thorough cleaning, followed by rinsing, preferably with medium pressure to avoid nebulization.

– Caution should be exercised when using detergents and disinfectants to ensure complete removal, preventing contamination with the products manufactured in the area. Attention should also be paid to the drying of cleaned and sanitized areas, as thorough drying prevents bacterial growth.

– Areas within pharmaceutical companies that require the utmost care include common areas with high foot traffic and locations with treated air. These areas are where cleaning and disinfection play a vital role.

– Areas with high contact and equipment and substances handling require routine cleaning and disinfection. These include work surfaces like tables, handles and handrails, cabinets and drawers, container lids, baskets, buckets, and trays, all types of hand tools, pipettes, manual sprayers, power buttons, furniture like chairs, and shared spaces such as hallways and rooms.

– To ensure complete disinfection, in addition to strict supervision, microbiological tests are recommended to document the cleanliness. As you are likely aware, errors such as cross-contamination or any agent that compromises the purity of the products produced there cannot be tolerated.

Records and ongoing controls describing protocol procedures are also essential. This should include the timing and frequency of each operation. Planned activities for cleaning facilities, equipment such as extraction hoods, biosafety spaces, and areas where procedures are performed, among others, should be outlined.

Factors to Consider for Maintenance, Cleaning, and Disinfection

A) Mechanical action, involving the removal of contaminants through actions such as washing and brushing.

B) Chemical intervention to prevent the multiplication of potential microbiological agents. This is done using specific products for this purpose.

C) Water temperature is vital to ensure effective sterilization, as heat is known for its disinfecting power.

D) The time of action of applied substances is another crucial aspect to consider to ensure their effectiveness, as not all products have the same reaction time. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the characteristics of each product.

Qualities Required for Those Responsible for Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in workplaces where large quantities of pharmaceutical products are produced is a demanding task with no margin for error. Therefore, the personnel responsible for this duty must be well-trained, highly committed, and proficient in execution. Whether they work in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare centers, or laboratories, these workers must know what they are doing and give their best in the service of cleanliness and impeccable standards. Excellence is an integral part of an ongoing mission.

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